Monday, July 9, 2012

UNCANNY X-MEN test pages

I received these pages from Bon Alimagno, back when he was still at Marvel, shortly after my son was born. Suffice it to say, I was waaay too busy to color them at the time. Now that parenthood has settled and a bunch of the titles I was coloring have been concluded, that time was much easier to find. These are from Uncanny X-men #525 and I didn't have the script when coloring these so I had to guess a few things. While I can't be for certain, I decided to treat the fourth, fifth, and sixth pages below as if they took place inside the dome seen in the first page. I wanted that shield to act as a filter and bathe everything in a pinkish light to contrast with the cool blues outside. If that's not accurate, please forgive me but I really didn't want to look at the issue and be influenced by what was previously done. Overall, I'm pretty happy with it!

UPDATE: Finally saw the actual comic. I didn't have the script when I colored this and avoided what the colorist had done. So forgive not knowing that's the X-Club members talking to the Avengers! May go back and fix that if I have time.

Roll over for original line art by Terry Dodson!

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