Monday, July 30, 2012

"Adventure Time" #4

I got asked to color half of Paul Pope's short story (and Moebius tribute) for "Adventure Time" #4 at BOOM! Studios a couple months ago. I colored the 'other world' panels and then composited the other colors with mine for final. It was a fast but super fun project! This page called for my color to look like an oil painting so I came up with a new technique that I could action in Photoshop to get the effect. Thought it looked pretty good. It's only one of the two pages I colored and the white area is by the other colorist so I don't take credit for his work. I don't want to post up the entire short, it's only four pages, so you'll have to pick up the issue to read it!

Roll over for the original line art by Paul Pope!

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