Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"Incorruptible" #16

This issue is my favorite I've colored for "Incorruptible" so far. I am so obscenely happy with how it turned out I've been wanting to post these pages since I finished them last month. I just wish I could share more because, while these pages are great, it gets better and better later in the issue! Marcio Takara's line art continues to wow, Mark Waid keeps the story and characters evolving, and I love love love to work on this title. This issue comes out Wednesday. Get you one!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"Incorruptible" & "Farscape: Scorpius" TPBs

This past month two TPBs have come out with my color work! The first up is the second and final TPB for "Farscape: Scorpius". It came out almost one year to the day when I began my coloring career with this very title. This sort of brings me full circle and makes me feel all the luckier to have had the opportunity to work on this book. I love Farscape and I hope it showed. The entire "Scorpius" mini-series is now collected into two TPBs. Get them both!

Also out, "Incorruptible" TPB #3. Andrew Dalhouse colored the first of the four issues this collects but my color is the other three. I was a fan of "Incorruptible" and "Irredeemable" even before I got to color it so working on this title is fan-boy-heaven! If you're not reading these titles go out and pick them up now!

"28 Days Later" #21

It's hard to believe there are only three issues left of "28 Days Later". I'm really going to be sad not to have this title to color every month. The story has been really engaging, even for someone like myself with an aversion to zombies/infected gore. And this issue finally sees... oh, I can't tell you. #21 is out at stores today with fill-in artist Pablo Peppino completing the line art. Get you one!