Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lion of Rora

This summer has been really busy so far at home. There have been numerous home renovation projects I've completed so I could finally focus on my latest project. Since the beginning of May I've been doing research, as time permitted, and collated a three inch binder worth of materials as reference. The project is Lion of Rora, a graphic novel written by Ruth and Christos Gage and will be published by Oni Press. It takes place in 1600s eastern France/northern Italy and is historical fiction about the Waldenses. If you know me, I'm anal-retentive to a fault so the time researching was to make sure it's as historically accurate as I could get and to familiarize myself with the time period and people. Now that I've quite a considerable amount of research done I'm starting the pencil, ink, and tone. I'll be able to post more as time goes on but for now here's a peak at the look and some characters from Lion of Rora. Enjoy!