Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"Planet of the Apes" #3

The third issue of "Planet of the Apes" from BOOM! comes out this week. I thought I'd do a little something different when posting pages this week. Rollover the pages to see Carlos' original line art. It'll give you an idea what I do for this title. I'm pretty happy how #3 turned out too. It's a challenge and I've learned a lot. So get ready for some gorgeous pages as the tension between apes and humans continues to build. Get you one!

Monday, June 13, 2011

"28 Days Later" #24

Fade to black, this is the last issue of "28 Days Later". I only got to color the last eight issues but what a great eight issues to color! It's been a pleasure to work with Ale Aragon and Ian Brill at BOOM! Studios on this title. I really felt the story was engaging, entertaining, and kept me excited each month. That says a lot about the writing talents of Michael Alan Nelson and am thankful for his mastery of the craft.

I'm really quite sad to see this story come to an end but that's how it was meant and how it was best told. The ending is extremely satisfying and delivers you directly into the time frame for "28 Weeks Later". I remember reading years ago there were plans for "28 Months Later". Maybe, just maybe, if that doesn't happen for the movies we can bring this team back together to make it another great title at BOOM!.

"28 Days Later" was also my big seller at Heroes and had more fans of the series than any other ask for autographs. That speaks volumes. Thank you for all the love and support readers! We're so very happy you all enjoyed the ride. Hope you enjoy the end as much as I do.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Had the most wonderful time at Heroes this year. It was my first where I had my own table and, even considering I'm a newbie and a colorist, did really well! It was satisfying that I wasn't competing with any other colorist for a color commission since I was doing my own original commissions in the form of sketchcards. Next year I hope to have more than a little print to offer the auction and do a workshop too. While this is all great news, the best is getting to know a whole lot of new people. Everyone at Heroes was absolutely wonderful, especially those running the show. In fact, if I met you, you were awesome. Thank you. Looking forward to 2012 already!

And here are the sketchcards from Heroes. As always I document them and create this sheet for collectors. It's always nice to get a chance to do some actual drawing again.

From top left: Plutonian, Max Damage, Ace Frehley, The Flash, Lady Sif, Fear Agent, Galactus, Darth Vader, Darth Maul, Husk, Tali, Thane, Major Kusanagi, Spider Jerusalem, Wonder Woman

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

"Incorruptible" #18

Not sure how I missed its release last week. I've been busy but didn't think I'd miss one of my books hitting the shelf. "Incorruptible" #18 is out! I'm really rather proud of this one too. My rendering is starting to tone back and I'm relying more on simple palettes. It felt like a huge leap forward. There's a huge lettered preview at Newsarama here too. Get you one!