Monday, September 24, 2007

"D'You Think They'll Believe Us?" inks five

This was the weekend I did not want to end. Tomorrow is going to feel like Monday^3. I didn't get to spend as much time with my lady as I wanted (though we got sushi tonight mmmmmm) but I was sooo productive otherwise! The only things I didn't get done were cleaning up the flower bed in front of my place and making duplicates of my office key for coworkers in my department. Not too bad! My place hasn't been this clean in a month and I was able to get two pages of inks done on top of everything else. That means only one page of inks to go and I'll be ready to send my pages in for the SCAD 2008 anthology!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

"D'You Think They'll Believe Us?" inks four

I'm trying to take advantage of the weekend since I'm free to do whatever I need and get some inks done for the SCAD 2008 Anthology. It's due just before Halloween so the sooner it's complete, the better. After some thought I will be changing the title back to the original: "Do You Think They'll Believe Us?" It just has a more human feel to it which the story needs.

Otherwise, I gotta say having 55 students is tough. That is a hell, a hell, of alot of grading! And I've been feeling the need to just hang out. Working full-time teaching, doing illustration work on the side, and wanting to spend as much time as possible with my lady has left me with a very little social circle here. That's the only part of my move that has been tough.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Nike LT

The past couple of weeks have been tough but I've still managed to get some work done. The latest Nike illustration for "The League of Champions" was approved this morning. It features LT, who is probably my favorite of the athletes I have worked on so far. Since I make sure the Photoshop file is editable if Nike has changes, I leave almost everything on its own layer and, well, it's the largest LoC file yet: 1.88GBs! LT had alot of extras in it when colored. I'm hoping Nike is a little slow on gathering information for Kobe so I can finish up the pages for the SCAD Anthology. This weekend I am going to be so busy my head is already spinning. Anyway, here's what's been keeping me so very busy as of late. Enjoy some LT goodness!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Kobe Bryant

Get this: Kobe Bryant was disappointed when he was told I wouldn't be drawing a Nike: League of Champions poster for him this Fall. Let's recap. Kobe Bryant, yes, the basketball player, is disappointed I, me, Nolan, wouldn't be drawing a poster of him. He loves what he has seen for the other athletes. Kick ass! Guess he'll be super surprised and happy we're doing one for him through Footlocker instead. Shhhh! Don't tell him!

Ok, back to coloring LT's poster.