Monday, May 30, 2011

HEROES June 3rd-5th

I'll be at my favorite convention of the year this coming weekend: HEROES! You'll find me in Artists Alley at table AA-726 with floppies and TPBs at discounted prices of my color work. I'll also be doing convention sketchcards for $10/card and taking commissions. If you've never been to HEROES you are missing out on one of the largest, if not The, comic artist conventions in the world. It's also very family friendly and super comfortable unlike many other conventions. Hope to see many of you there! Look for my banner.

Artists Alley table 726

Saturday, May 28, 2011

"Irredeemable" 26 cover colors

BOOM! Studios is really good to me. They are wonderful to work for. Recently, they've been throwing a ton of covers my way and I've eagerly colored all of them. I've done more than half a dozen now for three different titles and loving the opportunities. For "Irredeemable" #26 I did three different versions. The one below is cover A and I believe one of the other versions will be cover C. If you've not read "Irredeemable", which is the companion book to "Incorruptible" which I color monthly, you really need to pick it up. It's superhero but unlike anything you're familiar with. #26 comes out this week. Get you one!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

"Planet of the Apes" #1 2nd Print cover colors

I'm starting to get some cover work! "Planet of the Apes" #1 sold out so they wanted a 2nd print cover and I got to color it. Guess this went over well with 20th Century Fox because now I'm coloring at least one cover each month for POTA plus some "Incorruptible" covers all for BOOM! Studios. They are so much fun and can't wait to do more. If you didn't get your copy of POTA #1 you'll be forgiven if you pick up a copy of the 2nd print with the cover I colored. Don't make me send the White Troop after you!*

* - POTA comic reference only awesome people will get. Are you awesome?

"Planet of the Apes" #2

When BOOM! originally asked me to do test pages for "Planet of the Apes" I was in the middle of buying a house and simply didn't have the time. I was pretty crushed. Then I found out the colorist who did the first issue wouldn't be returning and was asked to do test pages again. At that point we had just moved so my schedule had become slightly less hectic and jumped at it. A few days later I was the new colorist on this monthly title!

Carlos Magno, the penciler/inker, has some of the most gorgeous and dense pages I've ever seen. He's a challenge to color. I can see room for improvement in how I color him (and am making it in huge strides on issue three right now) but am happy with how this turned out. I'm really looking forward to where the story goes too. It takes place before the original movie when the Lawgiver was still alive, but not for long, and humans weren't yet cattle so this is considered a prequel. If you ever loved some damn, dirty apes you should be reading this title. POTA #2 comes out this week. Get you one!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

"28 Days Later" #23

Guess who is back in "28 Days Later"? The infected! Long time, no see, but the story and development of Selina and Clint have been so good I've not really missed them. With only one issue to go, the comic and the beginning of "28 Weeks Later" start to coincide closing the gap between the movies. It comes out this week. Get you one!