Friday, April 4, 2014

"Archer & Armstrong" covers

Some of you know that for seven years I worked as a professor of Sequential Art and shared that honor alongside Shawn Crystal. He was always striving for bigger, better, more and we watched one another hone various skills. Mine mainly in color and it's application to story but he exploded in penciling and inking, composition, figure drawing, design, and how it all wraps together for story. I've colored a few of his pieces, even his convention banner, but never "professionally" until now. So happy to say Shawn is doing a series of covers for Valiant Comics' "Archer & Armstrong" during the "American Wasteland" arc and he asked me to color them! This first one was done side-by-side over ciders in my old basement studio just as my family and I were packing to move. We were both really happy with the results and Valiant seems to be too. Can't wait to share the rest!

UPDATE: I've included all three covers we did for issues 20-22. Lots of fun!

Roll over for original line art by Shawn Crystal!