Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"Incorruptible" #11

"Incorruptible" #11 was a fun to color. The scenario gave me a chance to let the night get deeper and darker as Max and Alana argued and fought and in the end, when the sun rose... well you'll have to read it. It comes out tomorrow on the 27th. Get you one!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Scorpius #6

There's only one more issue left of "Farscape: Scorpius" after this. Scorpey has finally discovered not just someone but an entire species his superior. If you know the character that's almost as good as killing him. This series has been a great ride and can't wait to see it completed! Volume 1 collecting issues 0-3 is also out now. Here's a preview of #6. Get you one!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Mark Waid's "Incorruptible" #10

My editor on BOOM! Studios' "Farscape: Scorpius", Ian Brill, has been really good to me. When another editor came asking for a colorist on Mark Waid's "Incorruptible" he passed my name on and I received a color test. I passed and was honored to color issue 10 of the series! This may be my favorite comic I've colored yet. Something just really clicked. BOOM! must have thought so too because now I am the official colorist on "Incorruptible"! At the moment I'm coloring #11 and working on two more titles for BOOM! and can't wait to share them all. There's a preview at CBR with these pages lettered here. "Incorruptible" #10 comes out 10/3. Get you one!