Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"Incorruptible" #11

"Incorruptible" #11 was a fun to color. The scenario gave me a chance to let the night get deeper and darker as Max and Alana argued and fought and in the end, when the sun rose... well you'll have to read it. It comes out tomorrow on the 27th. Get you one!


  1. Hey there - nice pages - I had been following a lot of your work on DA and just wanted to say hello from the blogosphere (hate that word really).

    I was actually curious about the program at SCAD at one point long ago (been far too long out of college myself) and if I knew it had a sequential art program I would have more seriously considered the school.

    I actually had a question - one which I ask of many artists - do you have a balance between your digital work and traditional work?

  2. Hi, Jesse! Thanks for the compliment. Glad you found your way over. I'm much more talkative on here.

    The SEQA program has been around for 15 or so years now but I'm at the Atlanta campus. It's only been around for six years. We're still relatively unknown compared to our Savannah counterparts since we're so small but have begun to really make a name for ourselves in the industry. SEQA-Atlanta is rather awesome.

    Since I am a colorist 80% of the time I'm working digital for the most part. However, I do traditional work when I can on spot illus and sketch cards. The combination of doing both makes me stronger overall and keeps me from getting too bored of any one thing. That keeps things fresh, inviting, energized, and always something to look forward to. I love my jobs!

  3. Thanks, Darnell!

    I'm really looking forward to seeing your Deadpool pages. You three are going to knock it out of the park!