Friday, January 28, 2011

"Incorruptible" #14

The world of "Incorruptible" and "Irredeemable" has been more or less ransacked by the Plutonian. Now that he's gone the world can celebrate their freedom. I decided this issue needed to get hit with some saturated colors all over. Usually I've reserved it for high-action or sfx to make those things really pop out of the issue or off the page but this is world-wide-party needed more. Ideally, if you were to put this issue next to all of the others its palette alone will hopefully make it stand out as a moment of celebration in the wreckage. "Incorruptible" #14, line art by Marcio Takara, colors by moi, is out this week. Get you one!

Monday, January 17, 2011

"28 Days Later" #19

This story arc directly ties into the original movie "28 Days Later". They've been really smart with how the comic and movies related. This title continues to be a huge surprise for me too. I absolutely love coloring it. "28 Days Later" #19 will be out this Wednesday. Here's the CBR preview. Get you one!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Star Wars Galaxy 6

December is always way too busy. Well, this December was also eight days shorter than normal due to holiday plans made after I had already scheduled work for myself. So when I did the latest batch of "Star Wars" sketch cards I went primarily with ink only to save time and stay on deadline. Even that is more than what is required. Granted, I still colored a few. I love coloring these cards and wished I had had time to do so. Still, they turned out alright and I really pulled in some obscure characters for this round. See if you can name them all!

Star Wars Galaxy series hit stores in February 2011. Get you some and hope you snag some sweet sketch cards!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"Irredeemable" #21

When you've got an opportunity to stretch some color muscle on a different title and it helps out the other artists and your editor, you go for it! So between coloring pages for "28 Days Later", I managed to pinch-color pages 8-17, 21, and 22 for "Irredeemable" #21. BOOM! had me use a style similar to Andrew Dalhouse (the regular colorist who did the rest of the book which can be previewed at CBR) so there was more continuity in the art. At first I wasn't so hot on the airbrush technique but I made it my own and ended up being very happy with the results! So here are a few of my pages from "Irredeemable" #21. I'm quite proud to have worked on another of Mark Waid's amazing titles at BOOM! Studios especially at such a moment in the title's story. It's at comic shops now so get you one!