Friday, June 13, 2008

The Incredible HULK

So there's a Movie Tavern in Tucker now. (Kinda like a McMenamins theater for those of you in the NW.) I tried a burger and it was pretty decent. The screen was nice and big and seats were quite comfy with loads of legroom under the tables. Figured I'd try it out while seeing "The Incredible HULK". It was pretty good! No "Iron Man" but very good. Thankfully, it wasn't an origins story but they did re-do the origins from the previous HULK film in flashback sequences. It does continue where the previous one left off, the previous one just didn't happen the same way. It's still not exactly the classic origins but no more stupid nano-bot crap is involved; pure gamma radiation as it should be! It was actually nice to also see a super villain equal to a super hero in a movie again too. Lue Ferrigno does his guest appearance (Stan Lee has a nice one this time) but Lue also did the voice to the HULK which was really well done. I like the fact this is a talking HULK. No long lines but he speaks from time to time. Lots of little tips-of-the-hat to the television series and all well done. Overall, if you like comics I'd recommend seeing it. It's got some great Bourne Identity inspired scenes at the beginning, hints to Captain America (yay!), we see the creation of another HULK super villain (can't remember the big brain's name), the fight scenes are well done, and plot stays on target. The ending with Tony Stark was really cool too. Avengers movie here we come!

This is the second week I've been on "vacation" and I've been moving my lady in with me for most of that time. New kitchen appliances, plumbers, seven trips to Goodwill as we merge our things, upgraded my storage unit and made six trips (not counting the two redundant ones I made yesterday), lots of reorganizing, more efficient furniture purchases, veternary visits, a nephew staying with us as he goes to camp during the day, and cleaning cleaning cleaning. Going to the movies made it actually feel like a vacation finally.

Next week I'll have to focus on prepping for summer courses and my workshop for HEROES Convention next weekend. I hope I have fun and it's not a drag having to deal with people again. I've enjoyed being a hermit and working alone for all this time on home projects and renovations without politics, egos, or policies getting in my way.