Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lady Deadpool #1

Coming out July 21st! This is my first book colored for Marvel. Pencils by Ken Lashley and it's a ton of fun to color. I'm hoping to do many more as this is just a One-Shot. The official preview for the issue is here at but it seems the color is always uber-saturated in previews so I'm posting up a clean color preview here. Enjoy!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Marvel Try-Out

About two months ago Axel Alonso gave me a coloring try-out for "Deadpool: Wade Wilson's War" #1 over Jason Pearson. This was all because of Shawn Crystal who I, again, can never repay enough for believing in me and network help. I was on cloud nine! Sadly, the same day they sent me files, Paul Mounts, a contracted colorist, came up available for the job so he got it. Can't fault that. Especially since Axel was as good as his word and still allowed me to try-out as a colorist at Marvel with the same pages. Once again, cloud nine... only I've not left this time! They really liked what I did on my try-out pages and wanted to give me a coloring job. (I just found out what comic earlier this week *giddy* but you'll have to wait for a future post on that.) For now, I'm posting my try-out pages for you to enjoy because I'm really happy with them. "Deadpool: Wade Wilson's War" #1 came out this week so if you pick it up and see this post, give me some feedback and let me know how you feel I did!

Thursday, June 10, 2010