Friday, June 11, 2010

Marvel Try-Out

About two months ago Axel Alonso gave me a coloring try-out for "Deadpool: Wade Wilson's War" #1 over Jason Pearson. This was all because of Shawn Crystal who I, again, can never repay enough for believing in me and network help. I was on cloud nine! Sadly, the same day they sent me files, Paul Mounts, a contracted colorist, came up available for the job so he got it. Can't fault that. Especially since Axel was as good as his word and still allowed me to try-out as a colorist at Marvel with the same pages. Once again, cloud nine... only I've not left this time! They really liked what I did on my try-out pages and wanted to give me a coloring job. (I just found out what comic earlier this week *giddy* but you'll have to wait for a future post on that.) For now, I'm posting my try-out pages for you to enjoy because I'm really happy with them. "Deadpool: Wade Wilson's War" #1 came out this week so if you pick it up and see this post, give me some feedback and let me know how you feel I did!


  1. Nice! The values in page 1, panel 1 seem kinda close to me, could be the monitor...really like the way the orange in page 2 helps to reinforce the reading pattern. Can't wait to hear about the gig! Congrats!!!

  2. Yeah, struggled with those values for a bit then decided the lower value contrast there allowed the last panel to pop even more and helped set the night time black ops stage too. Allowed Domino's skin and firearm to pop more as well since the scene is a story being told by Deadpool to a congressional hearing and the sex and violence are over her top... errr, the top.

    Let's just say I am getting one hell of an opportunity that rivals "Deadpool: Wade Wilson's War". I'm still in shock over how lucky I am. Working on the first pages right now!

  3. Yeah that last panel on page 1 tops pops fo' sho.

    ...rivals Deadpool project...hmm...MODOK?...Speedball?