Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Site Design and Business Card

While the code is more or less unchanged, I've updated the design of my website. Now you can see other places beyond my résumé I am finding to use my new letterhead. It's alot more of "me" than even I am really comfortable with but I think it works nicely. Minus the contact info, since I won't post that online, the business card looks like this :

The hand kinda bothers me. I may remove it and crop my head a different way. I've got time to play with it so no rush. This is a good draft. Once completed, most likely I'll just get these printed at Kinkos to start. I don't need that many so a small run is fine.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Business Cards and Letterhead

I need to bill two clients and I have no professional (or even personalized) letterhead for an invoice to do so. I need business cards for freelancing too. Well, I am teaching a self-promotion class this spring so I'm making both for actual use and as an example in class! Here are the sketches for each. Right now I am redrawing them in Illustrator so they are super clean and can be re-purposed. They just need copy and some design work done. I'll post them when complete!

Friday, March 9, 2007

Nike: League of Champions

What has kept me so busy lately? Nike! These are two of the latest posters I have done for them. These are also posted in my Portfolio > Illustration section.


Here we are. Testing out Blogger on my website. The XML syntax is just different enough from HTML to cause me problems but I'm getting it.