Saturday, September 19, 2009

Star Wars Sketchcards

The fall quarter at SCAD-ATL started up this past week so that's kept me busy but I also received materials for a little freelance job. I'm doing "Star Wars: Clone Wars" sketchcards for Topps! Specifically, it's tied into the release of "Clone Wars" season one on DVD and Bluray in widescreen format so the cards are also widescreen, which is pretty damn cool. This also makes me an official Lucas Arts artist and a little dream come true. Here's just a hint at a few but no details for you! Go buy the cards if you want a chance to own one.

A coworker, Roy Richardson, asked me if I had ever considered doing Star Wars comics. Initially I said no but I'm having so much fun with these maybe I will indeed throw my hat in that ring once "Lion of Rora" is done. Would you read a SW comic drawn by yours truly?