Thursday, February 19, 2009


Another sketch challenge from the Temple. Alien this time. Great frakkin' movie! I've a wonderful memory of watching this movie with my brothers in Florida when we were little.

I do these full-color sketches around 8x10 at 450-600dpi and am wondering if anyone would want to purchase a print of any of them at conventions. Just curious.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Robotech Love

When I lived in Fairfax, VA, growing up (one of the many places) I discovered Robotech one summer while I was looking for something to watch on television. We didn't have cable at the time and I was playing around with the rabbit ears and came across Baltimore 45. The signal baaaarely came in but there was this show on that I had never seen before. It was Robotech: Southern Cross! The rest of the summer every chance I got I would stand there for 30 minutes holding and adjusting the rabbit ears as needed so I could watch. It wasn't until the next year did it come out on the local stations and by then I was reading the novels (which were way better). Anyway, with the live-action movie in pre-production and being nauseous today with a little food poisoning I drew a little picture of Breetai and Gloval from Robotech: Macross to feel better.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Batgirl Color

Ah yeah.

Batgirl Inks

This is the latest sketch challenge on the Temple so I'm trying to keep up like I wanted each week. As with Batman, I want her gear and outfit to be a little more plausible than what's normally in the comics but not so armor oriented as what's in the movie. I think it's completely lame comics "hide" armor on a guy's chest simply by saying as much but a woman is always drawn as if her breasts are simply painted and out for the world to ogle over (which has it's place but not here) so, yes, I gave her a bullet-proof vest with some subtle feminine curve. The gear ended up making her hands with the built in brass knuckles look large but I kinda like the proportions it gave her overall with the helmet. Initially, I had this image of Barbara Gordon crushing a little plastic toy of a joker head (a la Carl's Jr.) under boot but it wasn't working for me. The idea for burning the over-sized Joker card in Batman's cave with Barbara walking through it as Batgirl took off from there. I rather like the different bat-symbol on her vest. Tomorrow I'll color it!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


The first of three spot illustrations visually defining the majority of cast and important locations for 8th Day. They'll be collected with a synopsis to pitch for publication.