Saturday, May 21, 2011

"Planet of the Apes" #2

When BOOM! originally asked me to do test pages for "Planet of the Apes" I was in the middle of buying a house and simply didn't have the time. I was pretty crushed. Then I found out the colorist who did the first issue wouldn't be returning and was asked to do test pages again. At that point we had just moved so my schedule had become slightly less hectic and jumped at it. A few days later I was the new colorist on this monthly title!

Carlos Magno, the penciler/inker, has some of the most gorgeous and dense pages I've ever seen. He's a challenge to color. I can see room for improvement in how I color him (and am making it in huge strides on issue three right now) but am happy with how this turned out. I'm really looking forward to where the story goes too. It takes place before the original movie when the Lawgiver was still alive, but not for long, and humans weren't yet cattle so this is considered a prequel. If you ever loved some damn, dirty apes you should be reading this title. POTA #2 comes out this week. Get you one!

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