Saturday, September 22, 2007

"D'You Think They'll Believe Us?" inks four

I'm trying to take advantage of the weekend since I'm free to do whatever I need and get some inks done for the SCAD 2008 Anthology. It's due just before Halloween so the sooner it's complete, the better. After some thought I will be changing the title back to the original: "Do You Think They'll Believe Us?" It just has a more human feel to it which the story needs.

Otherwise, I gotta say having 55 students is tough. That is a hell, a hell, of alot of grading! And I've been feeling the need to just hang out. Working full-time teaching, doing illustration work on the side, and wanting to spend as much time as possible with my lady has left me with a very little social circle here. That's the only part of my move that has been tough.

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