Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Nike LT

The past couple of weeks have been tough but I've still managed to get some work done. The latest Nike illustration for "The League of Champions" was approved this morning. It features LT, who is probably my favorite of the athletes I have worked on so far. Since I make sure the Photoshop file is editable if Nike has changes, I leave almost everything on its own layer and, well, it's the largest LoC file yet: 1.88GBs! LT had alot of extras in it when colored. I'm hoping Nike is a little slow on gathering information for Kobe so I can finish up the pages for the SCAD Anthology. This weekend I am going to be so busy my head is already spinning. Anyway, here's what's been keeping me so very busy as of late. Enjoy some LT goodness!


  1. That's crazy about the Kobe thing. The color looks GREAT on this. Gorgeous bears, too.

  2. This is crazy , Nice work. I can't wait to learn computer coloring from you.