Monday, July 30, 2012

TOPPS Star Wars sketchcard sale

You can find this same post on Scoundrel Art if you have an account there as a collector.

I have lots of returns for sale from various Star Wars sets I did sketch cards for! Leave a comment, reply to me on Scoundrel, or tweet at me if you're interested in a purchase!

First, the big deal is TOPPS lost all of my returns for Galaxy Six. They are GONE! (Unless they accidentally were placed into sets and you're lucky.) So they sent me 10 NEW BLANKS TO DO WITH AS I PLEASE! If you missed out on getting a return from G6 this is your chance at $50/card OBO!

SW Galaxy 5 returns for sale (SOLD)
$50/each OBO

SW ESB return for sale (SOLD)
$80 OBO

SW ESB puzzle for sale
$350 OBO (sold as a set only)

And TOPPS sent me my blanks for Galactic Files over a month late so I've got a little extra time. I'll have 6 returns for commission on GF also at $50/card OBO!

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