Tuesday, August 2, 2011

"Irredeemable" #28

If I'm able, I usually help out when asked and that's what happened on "Irredeemable" #28. The credits will tell you I colored pages 11-22 but I actually colored pages 5, 11-13, 15-21. Zac Atkinson did the rest and previous to me. When I pinch color to help with a deadline I try to make my own rendering and palette match the other colorist's so the difference in the pages is not jarring (so I must have done pretty well to fool whoever incorrectly credited us on who colored what pages). That is always a challenge to do!

And this issue is the last from Peter Krause whose work will be missed on the title. He has had a hell of a run on the entire series. (More from about his departure in an interview here.) It was an honor to color his work and help him, I hope, go out on a high note.

Normally I post up the entire preview but since only page five in the preview was mine that's all I'm showing so as not to give anything away I'm not supposed to or take credit for work not mine. You can see the rest of the preview here on CBR. "Irredeemable" #28 is out this week so go get one!

Rollover the image for the original inked page.

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