Sunday, August 23, 2009


I don't like shows about people doing stupid things and knowing they are stupid but do them anyway. This removes a LARGE portion of television from my interest. Mad Men was one of them. Plus, it's all about advertising which I worked in for ten years. To quote the show, "Been there. Done that."

However, my wife was watching it so I gave it a chance. It sure has lots of stupid shit but much of it is due to the rules of society in the '60s. She tells me that the amount of smoking and drinking on the show is very accurate to the time period and I can tell you the amount of drinking and adultery in advertising is just as accurate. Yuck. I've become fascinated with how the hell could people live/act like that and think it's okay?

But this fascination isn't enough to keep me watching. Joan Holloway is. My God. This is what women should look like. (My wife being one! RAWR!) Move over twigs! Go eat a small truckload of ice cream! Now I just hope the character doesn't turn into the back stabbing bitch I think she is. At that point, no amount of curve will make me want to watch. For now though, if I can ignore the smoking, happily. *cough*

UPDATE: Just found out she went to the high school I was supposed to go to if we hadn't moved away from Fairfax, VA, and was a goth girl. Be still my... heart!

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