Friday, August 14, 2009

Lion thumbs

My To-Do List has been put on the back burner for the foreseeable future so I can focus on "Lion of Rora". I'm working from a screenplay so there's no telling how many pages the comic will be in the end. That's both good and bad. Good: pacing and storytelling are mine to control since there's no script. Bad: no concrete deadline can be made since the page count is undefined and I'm estimating it to be much larger than planned. That means I'm focusing on a balance between keeping the page count down and doing what the story needs to make it successful. That's not easy but, to use a marksman metaphor (bows and arrows on the brain), I feel like I'm clustering nicely around the bullseye with few stray shots.

Here's a couple of thumbs. So far, this is the only scene with royalty in the book. Lotsa dialog. Say hello to the Dick... errrr, Duke of Savoy.


  1. looks awesome enough to blow up n ink straight over to me... You should SOOO do it!!!

  2. neat-o.
    Is Rora intended to be an anagram for "roar?"

  3. Thanks, guys! I appreciate the kind comments.

    Quinn, Rora is actually a valley in the alps where the protagonist lives. It's really obscure and takes awhile to find on maps but it's there!