Wednesday, March 26, 2008

And now my studio is compleeeete.

Been needing this for awhile. It's not the super fancy one I dreamt about but since I'm not doing proofs on a daily basis anymore this little Epson1400 is all I truly need. Bonus, it's not a bank breaker. I just ran two test prints of Nike illustration work I did in the past year and they came out absolutely gorgeous! My home studio is pretty much now complete.

It was a luck buy, really. I had called Fry's Electronics, who are usually awesome, to see if they had one in stock. They had two, including the display. I don't buy displays with printers so I went over with my lovely lady to pick up their last, unopened box. (As I was waiting for them to pull it from the storeroom someone else bought the display.) When they came to me saying the unopened box hadn't been sold because it had been partially crushed I was ticked. We left and roamed around for a bit since we're not often over in that part of town when my lady spotted a Jo Ann Fabrics. We stopped and she did some fabric shopping. (She's a crafty cutie, to be sure!) On a whim I walked over to the Staples next door... to discover they had three Epson1400s in stock with a $50 rebate! I've never seen them stocked in any office supply store before! Crazy lucky! It was a better deal by far than what I would have paid at Fry's so it turned out for the best. I had some serious good shopping karma that night.


  1. would you say the Epson1400 is the best printer out there?

  2. The best? Not even close. The Epson Stylus Pro series is much better but costs a minimum of $1.2K. No where near cost effective even for me.

    The best for what I needed? Very much so, at its price! It makes large format, gorgeous, archival prints and delivers accurate color.

    If you're looking for a printer as a student I wouldn't recommend getting one until you're absolutely sure you need it, know exactly what you'd be using it for, and would be using it consistently enough for it to be more cost effective to buy rather than simply go to Kinkos.

  3. that does look snazzy.
    is it a scanner too?

  4. Nope. The higher end hardware isn't usually multi-purpose. I have an Epson 1640XL for scanning.