Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The 8th Day: Adam

The maquette I built is from a rather old design of this character, Adam, for the sake of learning how to make one and having it to show in class. This image below is his final design.

I've been looking at military dress from WWI to modern for inspiration. The older stuff is sturdy looking and, obviously, classic but completely impractical. Since this is a hard sci-fi concept I wanted his outfit to have a more practical and ergonomic design that would come from centuries more of development. However, this character doesn't have access to technologies in the story so it also needed to be completely tech-less. Modern military DBUs helped a lot; specifically Marine and Special Forces designs. Eventually, this'll be used in a pitch. I've another concept illustration for The 8th Day I want to complete to further whet my desire to complete this story. Depending on how the flats for color go I may also re-purpose this for my Heroes Con workshop on "Comic Coloring from a Retouching POV". Let this be the beginning of the end!

Also been picking up on where I left off on researching theoretical propulsion technologies and the actual science behind terraforming. Fascinating stuff!

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