Thursday, January 3, 2008

My Cartoon Kicks Your Dictator's Ass

I've been going through my old work to find materials to show in classes this winter and I just kept thinking, "This should be in my portfolio." So there will be a rather large update coming up with tons of new work from comps for Starbucks' 2005 Rose Parade float to product shot comps for Diet Coke Spark to logo designs for Nike to Alta Vista storyboards to... this. Yes, I drew this, among another couple dozen others, for a pitch to Warner Bros. when they announced they were going to redesign the Looney Tunes. (I believe it became "Loonatics Unleashed".) I don't recall the context of how Bugs strangling Hitler was supposed to sell the concept but there you have it. Hitler never stood a chance against that wascally wabbit. Enjoy.

Happy New Year's!

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  1. Funny drawing Mr.Woodard. I can see a whole series of these being done of that subject matter.