Thursday, January 31, 2008

Anthology Cover Submission

Earlier this week I found out that the SEQA 2008 Anthology didn't have a cover yet! It's kind of late in the game but since the deadline is still open myself and a few students are submitting cover designs. Mine is ├╝ber simple because, well, my plate is currently too full and I can't spend a hell of alot of time on it. So my goal was to make simple elegant and beautiful. These are just the inks. I didn't even bother penciling it. Tomorrow I'll get the color done and throw it into InDesign and design the title and copy. I've a feeling SCAD Printing is going to wonder where the hell I came from once they see my files. They were rather surprised I asked for bleed and spine dimensions to begin with! Those things matter! Anyway, here it is.

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