Wednesday, April 15, 2015

"Grindhouse: Blood Lagoon" #2

AKA "Grindhouse" #4 as it's a part of Dark Horse's Grindhouse series. Written by Alex de Campi and line art by Chris Peterson! I'm back on the color.

In my last post on "Blood Lagoon" I mentioned the heart Alex has so skillfully placed at the core of this story. These first few pages just erupt with that heart. This is one of the most powerful scenes I've ever been honored to color. Wayne, a gay man, has gone home to visit his homophobic dad in his home state of Alabama to tell him some news. If you know anything about recent rulings about gay rights in Alabama, this scene is very topical and smacks of an honest, verbal whipping people like Wayne's dad deserve. It's so good. It's damn good. While I do not post up lettered versions of pages so my color can be seen, you can read a lettered preview here. Check it out then go buy "Blood Lagoon"!

Roll over for original line art by Chris Peterson!

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