Monday, August 18, 2014


I got a chance to color Dean Haspiel, Emmy Award Winner, on a flashback to run through a couple of issues of FF. Cool! I was excited to get to work with him. What I didn't know was how nice a guy he is. Do you know how rare it is for a writer or artist to call their colorist? Super rare. Dean didn't know me from Adam, but called me up to chat a bit anyway. (Insert awkward Phone-Nolan.) He just wanted to get to know me a bit and talk storytelling. It was wonderful. And though we have only done this short story together, he's kept in touch and even reaches out. Just... humbling. He stayed on top of pages and I had everything in a timely manner so I could meet my own deadline without working an all-nighter too. Everything about him is friendly and professional. Truly someone we could all learn from on how to treat collaborators. He also has two new books out this summer called "The Fox: Freak Magnet", written by Mark Waid (who also calls to chat and Dean's equal in personal professionalism, love love love) and "Fear, My Dear" which Dean also wrote. Dean is a joy. Good times!

Roll over for original line art by Dean Haspiel!

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