Tuesday, September 3, 2013

"Avengers Assemble" #18

First, I'd like to make sure the proper credit on this issue goes to Jay David Ramos. He colored the majority of the issue, not me, regardless of top billing. I had some family things to deal with and he stepped in and kicked butt. It was the first time in my color career I had to step back and ask for help. Everyone was really understanding and it is so very appreciated. But I am the ongoing colorist for the title so you will be seeing lots more of me on "Avengers Assemble"! Issues 19 and 20 are done and we're pumping away at 21 right now. You'll continue to see Tie-Ins with "INFINITY"! Written by Kelly Sue DeConnick, line art by Barry Kitson, letters by Clayton Cowles, and colors by Jay David Ramos and myself. The preview pages below are all mine.

Roll over for original line art by Barry Kitson!

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