Monday, February 18, 2013

SUBMIT Webcomic

Being a part of the team that helped Mark Waid start with "Insufferable" I too caught the bug for doing my own webcomic. Originally, this was a concept for The Hulk but I liked it too much, and it's not like Marvel is going to let me play with The Hulk anyway, so I decided to create my own bulked up superhero. The only thing in common with the Hulk is his strength comes from gamma radiation, which is the linchpin to the story concept because I'm a science nerd. But why make it easy on myself?! I've also wanted to do an experimental social media webcomic and I thought this concept could work quite well for that too. There's really no telling if I'll be able to make this happen, my plate is so full already, but if I can I'd like to introduce you to Joseph Franklin AKA Submit! Man, I hope I can find time to make this happen. Wish me luck!

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