Thursday, May 24, 2012

"Irredeemable" #37 FINAL ISSUE

That's it. That's the end of 'Irredeemable'. Very sad to see it go but it's going out on a good note. It's been getting great reviews and even heard about some people saying it's the only comic out this week that matters. Considering how well crafted the ending is I won't give anything away. Who wins? Quibit? Plutonian? Modeus? But if you've ever considered yourself a comic book reader then it'll be you that wins because its ending is talking directly to you.

I have really enjoyed coloring this title over the last six months and pinch-coloring the months before that. It's been wonderful working on both this title and its sister-book 'Incorruptible'. I've got to tip my hat to editor Shannon Watters for being wonderful under-fire and making my run on this title go as smoothly as possible. She's great! I'll miss working with her and coloring 'Irredeemable' but I'm hoping to find new titles this summer to color though it'll be hard to get bigger and better than a Mark Waid book!

But if you've not had enough Mark Waid then you can find more of his writing along with Peter Krause, the original artist on 'Irredeemable', over at on 'Insufferable' which I'm coloring! While we may be losing two Waid books were gaining a bad ass, free digital comic. Check it out!

Roll over for original line art by Diego Barreto!

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