Friday, November 4, 2011

Constantine and Epiphany...

... sitting in a tree. S-M-O-K-I-N-G.

A student of mine recently asked me if I could draw as well as color. My initial reaction was insult but within milliseconds realized they couldn't be blamed for asking since it has been forever since I'd drawn anything. So I took it as a sign it was time to dust off the pencils and inks and now am thankful the student asked me.

Last night I drew Constantine with Epi, his new bride, from "Hellblazer". I'm a long time reader (since '95) and really am enjoying the title's current direction. I SOOO WANT TO COLOR "HELLBLAZER"! MAKE THIS HAPPEN, INTERNET! And I'm hoping they actually take a large amount of time to explore their relationship in the title. It's a huge opportunity to give Constantine depth as he's been rather same-ol' for awhile and Epi is, so far, rather interesting in her own right. I'd like to see more of both for years to come. No flash in the pan, 'celeb' marriage here, please!

I really need to email Shelly Bond, bad.


  1. Nice to see the old drawing ability again! This looks great Nolan! and as always the colors are awesome! My vote is in: Woodard on Hellblazer!

  2. Let them know Nolan! Dangerous waters that student was treading. haha

  3. Thanks everyone! I'm going to try and draw something once a week. That sounds like nothing but with the chaos that is my personal life right now it'll have to do.

    Darnell, I'm actually quite happy they said that. Kicked me in the proverbial nuts to get back to it which I needed.

  4. I hear you. Sometimes we as artist need that from time to time.