Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I'm in Imperial Trouble

A couple of friends of mine really like to nerd it up from time to time (that's equivalent to every other second) and last night they invited me to broadcast with them. Jason Pierce Mallory of Scene Missing Magazine and Sam Mitchell of The Police Box run their independent blogs but when they get together (sorta like Voltron) they form the Imperial Trouble Podcast. We hit upon so many subjects it was ridiculous and had so many tangents "Family Guy" would be proud. Star Wars, Mass Effect, strippers, and zombies were just the highlights. What's scary is after the podcast we kept talking for hours. I'm hoping to be back and wax nerd-etically once again with them in the future since we definitely had a ton of material for it. It was crazy fun. Check out Episode 11 with yours truly and listen to new episodes every Wednesday!

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