Thursday, April 30, 2009

Colossus pencils

Once again, my favorite comic character: Colossus. After Axel Alonso came by the campus last weekend I've wanted to pitch a Colossus one-shot. His growth as a character is a little stunted especially compared to other ones. I'd like to see his portrayal match that of his age which, even in the dilated comic book time, has got to be mid to late twenties by now. Take him back to his roots, let him reclaim his own identity as a person, not an X-Man. Let him grow and let him live up to his name in more than just appearance. His heart and will are his true powers. More people in his life have died than Batman's! And look at what it did to him! So who is Piotr/Colossus now? More Bourne Identity, less Star Wars. Would love to see/do that for him. High time the character found new footing.