Thursday, December 27, 2007

Let's recap some old work.

Since I can't really share anything I've done lately I thought I'd post some older work I've added to my portfolio.

A few years ago Nike began a campaign called "The Lebrons". It's kinda cool to see the campaign has continued since it is rather entertaining and creative. That and I was the original retoucher on the campaign and it's satisfying to see it's blossomed further. The graphic below was done along with trading cards, in full color, as some of the first print for "The Lebrons" and can now be found in my portfolio under retouching.

It also amazes me to see these Nike Transformers booming across toy stores and online auctions. Why? Because I drew the initial concept art that sold the idea and made way for a Nike Lab commercial and then the full blown marketing cross-over for Optimus Prime (or Convoy if you're an uber-geek) and Megatron transformable Nike shoes. These are a bit old but these quick concept drawings for Marshall Faulk began it and can be found in my portfolio under comps.

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