If you'd like to ask me a question you can hit me up on any of the social media accounts I've linked at the top of my blog.

However, here's a quick FAQ I'll update periodically if you have one of the more common questions so you can get an answer now and not wait for my reply:

1> "Are you available to color X, Y, and Z?"
Currently I am a Marvel exclusive colorist so I cannot take on any jobs outside of their catalogs.
2> "But I just want to commission something!"
Ah! That's different. Always feel free to inquire about commissions; i.e. original art, color commission, sketch cards, etc. I can't promise anything except a reply. Commissions are priced according to individual requests.
3> "Will you come to our shop/show/convention?"
I would love to! Please send me as much information as you can and ask away.

Please be patient for my reply. Thank you!