Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"28 Days Later" #17

The second book coming out this week with my color is "28 Days Later" #17!

For those of you that know me, it may be a surprise to find out I'm the new ongoing colorist for BOOM! Studio's "28 Days Later" series due to my aversion to zombie and zombie-like things. However, it did surprise me how much I absolutely love coloring this title. It's all about texture and crunch and since I'm so anal-retentive this has been a great way to loosen up and relax. I imagine impressionistic painters feel the way I do when I color this title. It's so freeing and fun. So much that I've been sitting on these pages for over a month wanting to share them since day one! If you're a fan of the movies then you'll thoroughly enjoy this series. Check out this MTV Geek interview of writer Michael Nelson back when #16 came out (not my color). Check out #17 this week at stores and get you one!


  1. Hi Nolan. I haven't received my comps yet but I just had to get this at the store. I have to say that it looks pretty darn good! Thanks for making the art look as good as it does!

  2. Thanks, Ron! Your art was a lot of fun to color. Felt perfect for the book. Hope we get to do another issue one day!


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