Friday, April 16, 2010

ESB Sketch Cards

TOPPS has been good to me so I've been trying to be good to them. In May they are releasing a line of 3D widescreen cards to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the release of Empire Strikes Back. This time around I did 106 sketch cards! Check them out!

When I receive my returns back from this set I'll have 12 cards to sell and will be posting them on here and Scoundrel Art.


  1. These are magnificent. I've really been inspired by your marker technique (you are even mentioned in one of my own recent blog posts). I love the crowd scene cards. That might start a collectors frenzy. Genius.

  2. Hi Nolan,

    I just got into Sketch cards and I was lucky enough to pull your Yuuzhong Vong Warrior from Galaxy 5! It was one of my favorites, I really liked the vibrant, colorful pieces you did for G5. Your Empire sketches are amazing as well, the puzzle cards are great yet can stand alone by themselves! I would love to pick up one of your returns to add to my small growing collection. Have you decided which pieces will be returns? I love the Luke standing on his hand with Yoda sitting on his foot! Thanks!


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