Thursday, January 30, 2014

"Insufferable" Vol.2 #29

My family and I had a really hard time this past Fall and I had to bow out for a week. Felt horrible letting Pete and Mark down but my family needed me much more and family trumps work, or should, each time and they are two of the most wonderful and understanding collaborators you could ask for. Beautiful people, both. Luckily, Jenn Manley Lee jumped in to cover this episode for us so this isn't my color. She gets the credit. Enjoy the read!

Part of the new Thrillbent site is the ability to embed our comics on  your own website so feel free to use it as I did below! Read it here  now or jump to to read all of the installments. Written by Mark Waid, line art by Peter Krause, lettering by Troy Peteri, and color by me.

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