Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Captain America

Been sitting on this one for awhile. I designed this Captain America uniform almost a year ago basing it off of Marine Corp BDUs they currently employ. I figured if it was good enough for our boys Cap would figure it good enough for him! He is after all a symbol and morale booster, not just a super-soldier. Anyway, coincidentally the scale mail signature armor of Cap's is actually almost exactly like the real-life armor called Dragon Skin so I happily kept it. Then I pulled other design elements: modular straps and belt, (modified) Enhanced Combat Helmet, and desert color the US military has become known for. It still feels very "superhero" but more updated and practical. I had hoped they'd think in the same direction for the movie design (if for nothing else but to respectfully nod to our hard working troops) but sadly they went the clichéd, cheap, made-in-China plastic look you see in every superhero movie now (including Thor). Anyway, finally colored it and played around with some other techniques. Pretty happy.

And here's Gunnery Sergeant R. Lee Ermey checking out how it's made then shooting more than twenty AK-47 rounds and over 150 9mm MP5 Navy rounds into the above mentioned Dragon Skin armor. It can take a serious pounding and who doesn't like watching Ermey in his element. OOHRAH!

PS - It doesn't need to be a holiday for you to thank a serviceman. They bleed so you won't have to. Looking in your direction pacifists.

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