Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

I have so so much to be thankful for it's rather ridiculous. A lovely, intelligent, silly, supportive, and understanding wife. Far off friends, who despite the distance, have remained close and dear. Local friends who support, inspire, and help me in my personal goals. Parents who taught me responsibility, work ethic, and the difference between right and wrong. Brothers who help define "blood is thicker than water". Family that gets me and enriches my life. Cats who bring joy to me daily. A roof. A job(s). A working car. I could go on and on but I may be jinxing myself here. However, I do have one more specific. Since I'm looking to expand my career as a professional colorist in comics I am very thankful to the friendly and talented professionals that I have met who are currently helping me in that endeavor. Some by passing my name on to editors and others who give me pages to color to use in my portfolio. Matt Wilson, Shawn Crystal, Sean Murphy, and Eric Canete, I am thankful for your helping hands! (Edit: Add Chris Brunner to that list! Thanks!) Below is my color on one of the many sketches and pages just Canete has sent me. There will be more to come! I hope you enjoy, have just as much to be thankful for, and have a great Thanksgiving!


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