Friday, February 6, 2009

Batgirl Inks

This is the latest sketch challenge on the Temple so I'm trying to keep up like I wanted each week. As with Batman, I want her gear and outfit to be a little more plausible than what's normally in the comics but not so armor oriented as what's in the movie. I think it's completely lame comics "hide" armor on a guy's chest simply by saying as much but a woman is always drawn as if her breasts are simply painted and out for the world to ogle over (which has it's place but not here) so, yes, I gave her a bullet-proof vest with some subtle feminine curve. The gear ended up making her hands with the built in brass knuckles look large but I kinda like the proportions it gave her overall with the helmet. Initially, I had this image of Barbara Gordon crushing a little plastic toy of a joker head (a la Carl's Jr.) under boot but it wasn't working for me. The idea for burning the over-sized Joker card in Batman's cave with Barbara walking through it as Batgirl took off from there. I rather like the different bat-symbol on her vest. Tomorrow I'll color it!

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