Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Angel of Death

A movie I'd have to admit to being a guilty pleasure is The Prophecy. None of the sequels are worth while but the original has some interesting points. Would you really want to meet an angel? After all, when God needs some dirty work done that's who he sends to do it. Even the devil was an angel. Interesting! So I thought I'd pump out a sketch of Gabriel from that movie perching like a bird over his infamous trumpet. Always thought that looked awfully creepy.


  1. Loved that movie. one of my all time faves. Nice work. You've captured the feel of the movie in you lines very cool.

  2. oh wow that's so crazy! I was up at like 5am and The Prophecy 2 came on. It was a strange conundrum of interesting and bad at the same time, but it did make me want to see the first one. However, this picture makes a lot more sense to me now then it did the other day, and I have to say the style is very fitting.


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