Monday, December 15, 2008


Been needing to draw something non-kid-friendly and silly. This character is just something I had in a sketchbook. Her original name was Blunt Force Trauma, hence her "bft" tattoo. It doesn't mean what most people will assume. It never went anywhere for obvious, cliched reasons. However, my own normal taste in stories and characters being so serious and with everything that's been going on lately I needed something kinda dumb to draw. So I revisited the character. The character's name is now Grudge. You hire her to kick the ever living poop out of that person who cut you off in traffic, the coworker who can't seem to do their job, the teenagers who think the world owes them something and has a problem listening, parents who don't parent, drivers who don't use turn signals, someone paying for groceries with food stamps but wearing Italian imports costing more than what you make in a year, and the like. You know, pretty much anyone you have a grudge against. It doesn't matter how petty the grudge, she'll take the job. The boxing wraps were kinda nostalgic for me and made me miss kickboxing with Val Mayerik and WK friends. The luchadora mask totally ridiculous but just what the character needed. What the character lacks in patience she makes up for in bust. Real low brow but fun stuff as you can see.

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