Friday, July 11, 2008

Ah, Coloring

My lady seems to have settled in well and we've begun making a permanent home together. We do need more room but we're making due rather well. She's a wonderful cook and, for the first time since I was in high school, have been sitting down to eat dinner on a nightly basis! Life is good!

I've been reading a couple of Syd Field books: Screenplay and The Screenwriter's Workbook. 8th Day needs out of my damn head (so does Heritage for that matter) and the books have been really helpful so far creating a solid subject and story out of the idea. It's daunting but the books really help alot.

Still reading up two Michio Kaku books: Physics of the Impossible and Hyperspace. Generally, it's research for sci-fi stories like 8th Day but they're also utterly fascinating.

Done some coloring work recently. Jumper finally came out on DVD a month ago and was much better than I anticipated! Anyway, Oni Press needed some last minute help so I colored the last four pages of the comic book that is featured on the Special Edition DVD in a single night. (Four pages in eight hours. Rushed as hell but not bad! Flats and everything.) On the DVD the pages are turned into an animatic so these are just the flattened files. Since the previous twenty pages or so we're already colored I had to build brushes, create a palette, and apply color the exact same way as those pages so it would read as a coherent whole. If I've done my job right you won't notice any jump while watching the animated comic on the DVD. However, I did take some artistic liberties with the last page. Here they are:

I've become sort of a "Help, we need it tomorrow!" filler colorist in comics over the past six months. Helped Oni on the Jumper DVD, Dark Horse on a Fear Agent back cover, and now Moonstone Books with a The Phantom annual cover. Penciled and inked by Pat Quinn (who needs to build an online presence like gangbusters, ya hear!) who I worked with back in my "Writers' Bloc" days. Good ol' times! Anyway, check for this issue coming out this September.


  1. I'd heard Syd Field's books were being used in the scripting class, so I 'em up from work last week to get a head start over the summer, but haven't started reading them yet. Good to hear they're helpful though.

    I was actually wondering if maybe you could recommend a web hosting service for me. Did Justin and Pat and them all use the same service for class last year? I've been trying to research it so I can get my own page up and running, but I think I've just confused myself even more.
    Thanks Nolan! Hope you're having a great summer!

  2. Cara, I don't recall what service Pat is using but Justin, Allen, and Schweizer all use and get the bare bones smallest service there is paying a flat fee for three years. What I do is use the webspace I automatically get with my ISP and just bought a Domain which auto-forwards to my ISP server space. It's cheaper but either option would work.

    That's why I got the Syd Field books! I wanted to see what Shawn was using in his classes and they are definitely wonderful quality!


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