Friday, May 2, 2008

Spider Jerusalem

Now that my lovely fiancée and I are planning to move in together, I've had a need to put my comics in storage. This has made me sad but a nice compromise has been to get the collected TPBs (trade paperbacks) of my favorite series which look much nicer on a shelf. That's important when you're living with a librarian! So, I've begun doing just that and one of the books I've begun to recollect has been "Transmetropolitan". God, how I've missed this book. It was a finite series and ended, perfectly I might add, in 2002. Between it and "Preacher", another finite Vertigo title which is now slated for an HBO miniseries, I lived in monthly glee with every issue. Nothing has been able to replace these titles in my heart. So, with the Temple of Cartoon Mojo sketch challenge of the week in mind, I bring you the character that made "Transmet" shine: the one, and thankfully, only, Spider Jerusalem! If you can't tell from the drawing, he's a journalist doing what journalists do best.

1 comment:

  1. I love spider.
    and I love Transmetropolitan.

    A great series to collect and keep out of storage lol.


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