Monday, April 21, 2008

Proposal Pin-up

Since I'm sitting here waiting for a PSD to save (they sometimes get as big as 2GB to accommodate client requirements) I thought I'd post up the pin-up I did of my lovely lady. She said it was ok.

She has mentioned to me many times she likes old pin-up artwork and wanted to be one. That's why I chose this as a gift. The book she is reading in the pin-up contains lyrics from Rufus Wainwright's, one of her favorite singers, "The Origin of Love." Very appropriate! She's sitting on a block of words telling you to read between the lines. Her hand is showing off the top of her stockings and between the lines in the stockings I wrote "Will you marry me?" I had built a font from my own handwriting a few years ago so I used it. She's wearing some of her own jewelry she designed too. The entire thing is drawn in Adobe Illustrator. I printed it on my new Epson 1400 (the real reason I bought it) and had it framed at Binders. When I picked it up, Jay, one of the owners, congratulated me which brought a rush of women to see what the drawing was. There were four or five women swooning over how romantic the idea was. One even wanted me on the local news. Though every friend I had shown it to said it was great, hearing that from random women who weren't biased put the last of my fears that a pin-up wasn't appropriate to rest. My lady loved it! Loves it!

And now with the getting back to an all-nighter for Nike. Thank goodness my lady understands the freelance artist lifestyle!


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