Monday, February 11, 2008


Time for a personal note on astrophysics and astronomy cuz I'm a geek like that.

Found a science thread worth reading called Space: Final Frontier! I actually like it more than because it's current news but, sadly, it doesn't update as often. I've added RSS feeds in the right sidebar to both.

"Sunshine" was never released domestically (in the US) but I'm hoping it's because American audiences are too pop-culture driven and not that the movie sucks as bad as I fear. I added it to my Netflix so we'll see. (UPDATE - Wow. That movie was horrible. Scientifically inaccurate, characters and personalities are consistent for a dysfunctional family not a team of elite scientists and astronauts, and somehow it turns into a horror slaughter-fest. Lame. Avoid this movie. It's crap. The type of crap that makes me hate Hollywood.)

Peter F. Hamilton's "The Dreaming Void" comes out March 25th! If you've not read "The Night's Dawn" trilogy you're missing out on over 5,000 pages of pure brilliance.

Alastair Reynold's "The Prefect" comes out April 10th in paperback and "Galactic North" is out now! His "Revelation Space" novels are mind blowing.

NASA posts a new picture each day here. RSS feed now available on the sidebar!

And if you've never been to the Hubble Site Gallery you are missing out. I want to cover my arms to look like the cosmos with the Drake Equation on my left but couldn't quite figure out what I wanted on my right. Then I found this animated GIF below. I think a scale chart would be ideal. It shows perspective on how small we really are. Nothing man ever does will change, alter, effect, or even temporarily dimple the universe. God, I love this stuff.

Finally, check out this awesome shot my little brother took while driving through central Florida. Lucky bastard got to see it live!

I've been inspired to do a comic short on gravity. Sounds dry, right? Then you aren't thinking hard enough. Stay posted.


  1. Wow.. It's amazing to see our sun just completely pop off the map like that in size! I new there were much bigger suns out there but...I didn't know they were that big 0.0 (I like the pretty blue one ^^)
    I love astronomy, but most of my books don't go out quite that far

  2. Tip of the iceberg, Shawn. Tip of the iceberg.


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